Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales are variations of the original Vulpix and Ninetales. There is in fact a misprint on Alolan Vulpix: it should say NO. 037A instead of NO. 038A.

Cards Edit

Alolan Vulpix has the Snow Warning ability, which simply adds the Fake-mon TCG equivalent of the Hail weather effect! It does 10 damage to all Active Pokémon not Ice-type. Every turn. After the opponent has ended their turn. However, this may NOT stack. Pokémon with the Snow Warning ability will always do this, and if multiple Snow Warning Pokémon are out, it still only does 10 damage. It also has the moves of Frost Breath, which is 10 damage but a 25% chance of Frozen (by the way, all flip effects use tails instead of heads because obvious). Ice Fang is 20 damage plus a 50% chance of 20 more damage. Alolan Vulpix is weak to Fire x2, and has no Resistance. Alolan Vulpix does a maximum of 40 damage due to Ice Fang.

Alolan Ninetales has the Memorization ability, which simply means Alolan Ninetales may also make use of Frost Breath, Ice Fang, and most importantly, Memorization also means Alolan Ninetales has Snow Warning as well! Alolan Ninetales also has Icy Shield, which is 50 damage, but you may make it do nothing and give Alolan Ninetales a Defense Up level! And it also gets another Defense Up level if it didn't have Defense Up at the beginning of the turn! Then there's Crystal Storm. You flip 5 coins. It either does 30x damage to the opponent's Active, or it does 20 damage to the number of heads plus 1. Simply meaning if you get 5 heads, you may target 6 Pokémon, and no matter what you may do 20 damage to any 1 Pokémon. However, it's 30 damage times the number of TAILS for the first effect, or 20 damage to Pokémon equal to HEADS +1. And you get to decide which one you get! Alolan Ninetales is weak to Steel x2 (instead of Fire) and resistant to Fire -40. I thought Fairy-type was resistant to Fire, so I gave it a resistance to Fire even though a dual type Ice/Fairy would be WEAK TO FIRE. :( The maximum damage Alolan Ninetales can do is 150 because of Crystal Storm, one of my favorite moves in the Fake-mon TCG.